Nature's Lines - florist studio in Tallinn

Nature's Lines - florist studio in Tallinn

We deliver bouquets, make flower arrangements for events and weddings, host floral workshops and everything in between.

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Cut flower care tips
1. Always use a clean vase (do not use metal or antique crystal vases) and fresh cold tap water

2. Add flower food: following the instruction on the back of the pack regarding volume of water

3. Cut at least 2 cm off the stem; 5-10 cm is better. Cut the stems with a sharp, clean knife or secateurs at an angle to prevent damaging and flattening of the stem. Remove lower leaves which otherwise will be in the vase water, but don't remove the thorn

4. Be careful where you place your bouquet: flowers don't like draughts, direct sunlight, proximity to a heater, smoke and the gasses of ripening fruits

5. Top up with fresh water and the same flower food when the water has decreased to about 1/3 of the height of the vase