Our passion is to enhance the natural beauty of flowers. We love different textures and always try to buy in unusual looking flowers, foliages and berries for work.

Whether you're buying a bouquet for your home, setting the mood for an event, or buying a gift for a loved ones, we've got you covered!
Not having a storefront helps us to reduce the cost of our services and focus purely on the design and quality of our arrangements.
A word from founder
My name is Rita and I have started Nature's lines in November 2018. I'm originally from Russia and have been living in Tallinn since 2019. I travel a lot, love art and nature! I took my first steps in floral design with Moscow Flower School. What I love the most about working with the flowers is how fragile and powerful they are. They totally transform the space around and make us smile every time we look at them.

It takes a lot of skill to work with flowers and it's a never ending learning. But the best of all, I get to create something different, unique every single day and that's my biggest inspiration!

Nature's lines is creative flower studio where everybody could easily order a beautiful arrangement that suits theirs mood, personality, and occasion!